Frequently Asked Questions​

Below is a list of answers to some of the most common questions we receive from customers.

Any gas appliance should be regularly checked and maintained, in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, to maximise the utility life of the appliance. Regular maintenance ensures the appliance runs at peak efficiency and can prevent more severe issues down the line.

If the hot water system has been properly relighted (manufacturers typically leave relighting instructions on a sticker on the water heater’s cover plate) and you are still unable to get hot water from your taps, then it is possible that a part inside the water section is faulty or broken.

Give us a call and we will fix it.

This may be caused by a Flame Failure Valve in need of servicing. Pilot lights on gas appliances generally have a safety device called a Flame Failure Valve which is designed to shut off the gas supply to the appliance after a few seconds if the pilot light is extinguished.

Give us a call and we will fix it.

We carry parts for most of the popular types of gas hot water heaters in Brisbane though sometimes, it can be difficult to source parts, locally and timely, for brands that are less common or in high demand.

We understand how frustrating it can be for customers to have to wait days for their water heater to be fixed. If you contact us early in the morning, there is a high likelihood that we will have your water heater working again that same day.

The expected average utility life of a regularly maintained instantaneous hot water heater is around 15 to 25 years. We strongly recommend you have the heater inspected by a properly licensed gas technician first. It may not be necessary to replace it at all as it might just need a proper service overhaul.

Give us a call and we will sort it out.

No problem. We understand that people’s schedules can make it difficult to arrange a callout outside of business hours. We can accommodate for extended hours to help you with this.

Contact us and we can arrange a time that fits with your schedule.

There should be an isolation gas tap under the cooktop. Turn it off and call us asap to organise an inspection. There is probably a leak in the pipework connecting to the cooktop or an internal leak in the appliance possibly due to a faulty gasket or a gas tap that needs replacing.

This is usually caused by the Flame Failure Valve (a device which shuts off the gas to the appliance when the oven flame is extinguished) not properly detecting that a flame is present.

Call us and we can fix it.

Contact your Gas Provider to have it fixed as the meter belongs to them – this is usually a free service.

Try to ensure that the master gas tap is always free of any obstructions and functioning properly.

It is illegal to remove or tamper with a Tempering Valve – they are important safety devices that limit the temperature of the hot water pipes to a maximum of 50° C to minimise the risk of scalding.

Reasons why a Tempering Valve might be causing issues include:

  • It might need calibrating.
  • It may be faulty.
  • The filters may need to be cleaned of debris.
  • It may be incompatible with the water heater it is connected to. Tempering Valves are not interchangeable between different types of water heaters such as Instantaneous, Storage and Solar hot water heaters.

Sometimes, it may just be an issue with the water heater itself. Give us a call and we will sort it out.

This is likely a Chef or Westinghouse brand of oven. These ovens use an American ignition system called a hot surface igniter that works with electricity. Repairs to these appliances requires that the service person has a Queensland Gas and Electrical license.

We have both licenses and are experienced with these brands. Give us a call and we will fix it.

Yes, they are.

Westinghouse is the only manufacturer in Australia for these types of cookers. They can be ordered with the oven positioned on either side as needed. They are not seen in showrooms and delivery takes about 10 working days as they are normally assembled outside of Queensland.

Once you have it delivered to your home, contact us to arrange a suitable day to have it installed and the old one disposed of for recycling.

Ensure that the appliance has been approved for installation in Australia as no licensed gas technician will install it without an approval label given by an accredited Australian certifier.

Additionally, ask the seller to ensure that it comes with flame safety shut-off valves for all the burners.

The Bosch Hydropower is a gas water heater designed without a permanent pilot flame in order to save gas and to be more energy efficient – the heater uses electronic components to ignite the pilot automatically.

We are experienced with these types of hot water heaters. Give us a call and we can come and identify which component is not working (under parameters specified by Bosch) and then replace it or fix it.

The company, who supplies and refills your gas bottles, can refuse delivery and issue a Defect Notice when an existing installation and setup of gas bottles is not in compliance with current gas safety regulations and laws.

To be cleared of a Defect Notice, a licensed Gas Technician will need to address any issues with your gas bottle setup. Once this is complete, you will receive a Compliance Certificate (with written & signed approval by your Gas Technician) and a copy will be sent to your gas supplier.

A small amount of commercial gas appliances might not come with an approval label.

If this is the case, contact the Queensland Gas Association to organise the certification of the appliance.

Regulators are necessary mechanical devices that reduce the high pressure of the bottled gas before being supplied to the connected appliances.

Your existing regulator may be one of the old single-stage types that is currently being phased out. The newer double-stage types are an improved generation of regulators that reduce the pressure in two steps, putting less stress on mechanical components and making the device safer and less likely to fail.

Contact us and we can change it for you.

Manual changeover taps can be replaced with a version that automatically switches gas bottles when one is emptied. These automatic changeover taps also provide a handy visual indicator when one bottle is empty.

Give us a call and we can arrange to have one installed for you.

In Queensland, whenever a service person performs a job on an existing gas installation (such as the replacement of an appliance), they must provide the customer with a Compliance Certificate and attach a Compliance Plate to the inside of the electrical meter box once a job is completed.

For liability reasons, warranties can be refused if there is no Compliance Certificate as they are necessary to guarantee that the job was undertaken by a licensed and qualified technician. Incorrect installations or repairs can lead to direct or indirect damage caused to the appliance.

If you have not received a Compliance Certificate, call the service person responsible for the installation and arrange to have one sent to you.

You can search for the technician’s license by using the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Licensees search function.

To be able to legally perform Gasfitting work in Queensland, a person must have a license from the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate and also be registered with the QBCC as a trade contractor.

For the replacement or installation of a gas appliance, make sure that your technician provides you with a Gas Compliance Certificate and attaches a Compliance Plate to the inside of your electrical meter box upon completion of the job.

Dual Fuel cookers are primarily recognised as gas appliances. However, under current Queensland law, repairs must be carried out by a technician with both a gas license and an electrical contractor’s license.

We are qualified to service Dual Fuel cookers as we have both required licenses.

Your Westinghouse gas oven is technically an electric one and the gas is being used as a fuel only – all the operating and safety functions are done by the electrical components.

Anyone attempting to repair these appliances must have the proper training and have current Queensland Gas and Electrical licenses. Give us a call and we can fix it as we have both licenses.

We usually recommend locally manufactured brands such as Chef, Westinghouse or Electrolux as they have a widespread availability of spare parts in Australia which often makes repairs cheaper or easier compared to other choices.

Ultimately, we encourage you to “try before you buy” at your local retailer. Do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or are looking for a more personalised recommendation.

We generally prefer to have the appliance serviced at the customer’s home. Sometimes an issue with an appliance may be caused by the gas pipework, plumbing or other external conditions instead of the appliance itself.

We are happy to make exceptions for customers living in remote areas. Contact us and we can organise a suitable arrangement.